Perhaps it is a symptom of the exciting world of non-traditional marketing and the non-traditional model that we have adopted, but we often find ourselves in buzzword central. Our clients, agency partners, potential clients and colleagues – it is impossible to escape, and we are often just as guilty as anyone. It must be a by-product of our environment. Everyone feels the huge potential of non-traditional approaches and is passionate. When you are passionate you talk a lot. Buzzwords are inevitable. You hate the fact that you say them, but when something is hot, its hot. And please don’t create a new version of the word in an effort to sound different – no more buzzword variations needed!

We have a word here at ACME that we actually love. It is simple, straightforward, and the perfect word to describe the implications of our work. The word is amplify.

When developing programs for brands, we always account for the wide spectrum of marketing activities a brand has in place. It is essential, yet seemingly rare in the branded entertainment space. We create plans to ensure branded entertainment and content will amplify the impact of just about any activity in any channel. TV, print, radio, outdoor, digital, social media, in-store, you name it… impact is incrementally improved, that that improvement is almost always measurable. We have a great slide that demonstrates this, so contact us if you are interested in learning more about our approach.

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