Tag Records Discussed at Venice Festival of Media

Ah… the Festival of Media. There is something about ‘Festival of Media‘ that just doesn’t sound right. Perhaps something is lost in translation? Maybe it is a raucous party and I am bummed we missed it? Regardless, TAG Records appears to have been a topic of conversation on at least one panel, and it is always refreshing to hear about others that understand the idea.

Citizen Sound provided a recap, since we couldn’t be there 🙂 Thanks!

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  1. Hey there Acme. We were at the Venice Festival of Media and organised the panel regarding Brands Music and the Rise of DIY Music Culture (a whole discussion in itself!). First, I wouldn’t say it was a raucous party. When you have a lot of the most senior bosses of the media agencies, media owners and senior marketeers in one place, raucous is not a common description. However, was it worth being there? Absolutely. Happy to give you the run-down on the event if you want to know more.
    In terms of the panel’s view of TAG records, there was real concern about the clear fit between the brand TAG and the brand Def Jam. Maybe the concern was a result of the age composition of the panel who have a certain view of what Def Jam is versus the target market for TAG who may have a very different perspective of Def Jam.
    Also in Europe, the fusions between brands and music are only now taking new and interesting forms, aside from pure sponsorships. Fun times ahead for citizensound and Acme!

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