Great Viral Marketing Commentary from Jaffe

I met Joseph Jaffe once a few years back at a P&G brainstorm. As someone who had been working in the P&G digital space for a few years at that point, I found it nice to have a fresh outside perspective from someone like Joseph represented in the meeting. In his article Conversation Killers found on today, his opening paragraph does one of the best jobs of summing up the nature of ‘viral marketing planning’.   Honestly, I thought we had evolved past this to some degree.  Personally, I haven’t found myself in one of those disturbing meetings – typically with a traditional agency or too-big-for-their-own-good digital agency – trying to figure out what would go viral in a very long time.  But I can only imagine it still happens frequently…

The movie Rounders contains a life lesson: “When sitting down at the poker table, look around for the sucker. If you don’t recognize the sucker, get up and leave, because the sucker is you.” Along the same lines, the next time you sit down at a planning table to discuss something viral, look for the moron leading the project and if you don’t see him, excuse yourself from the meeting because that moron, my friend, is you.

Awesome! Don’t forget to check his blog for inevitable commentary. But I have to throw in this gem from the same article:

So let’s do our best to keep our eyes on the prize: creating unique and compelling content that is sharable and infused with sociability (conversation). We’ll rack up those views sure enough and not have to concern ourselves with cutting corners, reducing costs and duping our consumers into doing our jobs for us.

Yeah, like start a record label!

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