Keeping Up with the Moguls

Image Source: Corporate Takeover

There is a relatively new niche in the hip-hop blog world focused squarely on tracking the business moves of the hip-hop elite. Instead of covering new tracks or beefs among rappers, these blogs cover endorsement deals, business ventures, and hip-hop’s other forays into the corporate world. The emergence of this type of blog/site simply illustrates that while music is at the root of it all, the hip-hop lifestyle and culture transcends far more than the airwaves, myspace and youtube. Fans, aspiring entrepreneurs and executives are finding inspiration in more than just lyrics – tracking and even obsessing over the business moves of hip-hop moguls. And that should not come as a surprise… With Jay-Z, 50, Pharrell and JD all immersing themselves in highly lucrative and innovative corporate relationships, the stratospheric rise of the hip-hop mogul is often more interesting than most hip-hop music.

One of these sites in particular has clearly taken the lead in this new category: Corporate Takeover. As a long time reader, I was thrilled to be asked to offer up some thoughts on Jay-Z for what turned out to be an incredibly thorough, well-crafted piece that documents The Corporate Takeover of Jay-Z. Jason ‘Jay’ Mohawk and Corporate Takeover probably just ended up on Rupert Murdoch’s radar. Keep up the good work.

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  1. Thanks for the lead on this. Corp Takeover is very cool and I love the outline of the S. Carter Conglomerate. The comparison of J to Sinatra is a compelling one. I hadnt thought about the parallels but they are there for sure. The only thing I would say is that J is more a businessman than Frank ever was. It would be interesting to see what other celebs (in and out of the urban world) have expanded their influence behind just their craft. Clooney comes to mind as someone that seems to have his hands in more than one venture. Just a thought….

  2. Good point. These days, clothing lines and fragrances are the norm and simply seem to come with the job. The same is true with young, hot tv stars and restaurant investments 🙂 But Brad Pitt has explored other interesting endeavors with jewelry and architecture. Other notables include Magic Johnson and Roger Staubach (showing my age) who were both top of their games in sports, but have made far more money in the other non-sports related ventures.

    I know that there are tons of others. I recently stumbled upon the site below, which documents a lot of this activity:

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